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Safco Office Furniture: Elevate Your Workspace with Our Premium Collection

Contemporary Office Furniture from Safco Mayline Office Furniture

Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with's Safco office furniture. Elevate your workspace with our extensive collection of height-adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs, and sleek storage solutions designed to meet your needs. Shop now to revitalize your office atmosphere with our quick ship options, and explore our diverse range of products, from classic office tables to modern home office setups, ensuring you find the perfect furniture configuration for home and office use.

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Laminate office furniture series in a contemporary design. Modular components offer unlimited office possibilities.

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Combining the durability of steel and laminate construction with a high sense of style to create bespoke modular workstations.

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Infusing a unique aesthetic into familiar office elements, the spirit of Italian design that fills any space with incomparable creative energy.

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Mirella features a contemporary design that provides a residential look. Balance functional and aesthetic needs with innovative design elements that define any space.

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This contemporary laminate desking system combines both beauty and functionality. The work surface has a beveled edge that blends with its' distinctive curving work surfaces.

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Lounge Furniture

Top grain Italian Leather, veneer wood components finished to match casegoods.

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AlphaBetter Stand-Up Desks

 This desk comfortably accommodates students of all sizes as they work or sketch ideas. A pendulum footrest allows students to redirect excess energy and continue to move, even as they sit – providing ergonomic support, increasing comfort, and promoting cardiovascular health.

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Resi Collection

Heighten your productivity with the modern Resi desk and win every workday. Ideal for the office or WFH’ers, this versatile desk features a durable white laminate worksurface with a knife edge to protect both your surroundings and forearms. 

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Whiffle Storage  Collection

Choose a versatile, mobile storage cabinet with the Whiffle double-column supply organizer. The multi-functional mobile design features two double doors, a laminate work surface, and a dry-erase laminate back, so you can use it to house a laptop or display ideas.

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Whether you are furnishing a single private office, an open team workspace, or an entire building, Safco Mayline’s collection of Casegood furniture offers smart, beautiful and affordable laminate and veneer choices that allow for visual continuity. Our extensive collection of desks, storage, reception and conference room furniture balances functional and aesthetic needs with innovative design elements that help to define any space. Feature rich and budget wise, you will see a level of quality and functionality at an exceptional value. From the reception area to the boardroom, you will find just the right configuration for every user.

Welcoming touches such as readily accessible storage, easy access to power and data, along with enhanced technology support, all facilitate workspace efficiencies for the changing needs of
today’s workplace.

Safco Mayline Casegoods offer a limited lifetime warranty, and complement other Safco Mayline furniture and most any décor. And it can ship in as little as 72 hours on their Quick-Ship Program!

Expand Your Office Space with Safco Desks and Tables  

Find the Perfect Safco Desk for Your Productive Workspace

Creating a workspace that reflects both functionality and style is crucial for productivity. Safco desks embody these qualities, offering a variety of designs tailored to meet specific office needs. Whether for a bustling commercial space or a tranquil home office, incorporating Safco desks can significantly revitalize your office atmosphere.

Adjustable Height Desks: Ergonomics Meets Style

Embrace the fusion of ergonomics and aesthetics with Safco's adjustable height desks. These desks are not just about achieving the perfect posture but also about making a style statement. With options ranging from sleek, modern designs to more classic looks, find the ideal match for your office décor. Changing your working height promotes health and increases productivity by keeping you active throughout the day.

Safco Tables: Versatile Options for Every Office Need

Safco tables offer solutions for every corner of your office. The variety is endless, from elegant conference tables that become the centerpiece of meeting rooms to compact side tables that fit snugly in your reception area. Expect durable materials, stylish finishes, and thoughtful features like integrated power supplies for a seamless work experience.

Maximizing Efficiency with Safco Modular Desks

Modular furniture is transforming modern offices by offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. Safco’s range of modular desks is at the forefront of this revolution, designed to adapt to your business as it grows.

The Benefits of Modular Furniture in Modern Offices

Modular desks provide the ultimate in scalability and customization. They allow you to reconfigure layouts effortlessly, accommodating new staff, changing team dynamics, or a complete office revamp without needing entirely new furnishings. This adaptability ensures your office environment remains functional and fresh, fostering creativity and collaboration.

How to Choose the Right Safco Modular Desk for Your Office

1. Assess Your Space: Consider the size and shape of your office area to ensure the modular units will fit comfortably and functionally. 2.     Identify Your Needs: Whether it’s storage capabilities, surface space, or the number of workstations required, understanding your specific needs will guide your selection process. 
3. Consider Future Growth: Opt for a modular system that can scale with your business, ensuring you can add components as your needs evolve. 
4. Style Alignment: Ensure the design and finish of the modular desk system complements your office’s aesthetic, enhancing the overall workplace environment.

By integrating Safco products into your office, you invest in quality and design and create a workspace that promotes well-being and efficiency. Explore Safco's possibilities to transform your office into a dynamic and stylish environment.

Elevate Comfort with Safco Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are essential for anyone who spends a lot of time at a desk. Safco ergonomic chairs blend comfort with productivity, ensuring you remain comfortable throughout your workday.

Discover the Range of Safco Office Chairs.

Safco offers a variety of office chairs that cater to each individual's needs. Here’s what you can expect:

Safco Task Chairs: Combining Comfort and Productivity  

These chairs are designed with adjustability, offering features like height-adjustable seats, armrests, and lumbar support for tailored comfort. Constructed with high-quality materials, Safco task chairs promote an organized workspace, facilitating focus and efficiency.

Why Choose Safco Mesh Chairs for Your Office?

A breathable mesh back ensures ventilation, keeping you cool throughout the day. Their sleek design revitalizes your office atmosphere, making them the perfect addition to a modern office setting.

The Importance of Ergonomics in Office Furniture Design

Understanding ergonomics can significantly impact your health and productivity. Safco places a strong emphasis on ergonomic design across its product range.

How Safco Chairs Support Your Posture and Health?

Each chair promotes good posture, reducing the risk of back pain and other discomforts associated with prolonged sitting. Features like adjustable seat depth and tilt functions allow users to customize their seating position, aligning with individual health needs.

Selecting the Right Ergonomic Chair: Features to Look For  

Adjustability: Look for chairs with multiple adjustments to suit your body type and working style. 
Material: Ensure the chair materials are durable and breathable, catering to long hours of use and providing comfort. 
Support: Pay attention to lumbar support and the overall shape of the chair to ensure it supports your spine's natural curvature. 
In conclusion, selecting the right office furniture, specifically ergonomic chairs like Safco's significantly contributes to a healthier and more productive work environment. By paying attention to the chair’s design, material, and adjustability, you can create an office space that meets your specific needs, ensuring both comfort and functionality. Opting for Safco’s range supports your posture and health and revitalizes your office atmosphere with its stylish furniture options.

Organize with Style: Safco Storage Solutions

Enhancing Your Office with Safco Storage Cabinets

Safco storage cabinets offer a practical solution for office clutter and add to the aesthetic appeal of any workspace. Available in various materials and finishes, they can complement any office décor.  

Safco Literature Organizers: Keep Your Documents Accessible

●   Ideal for managing mail, forms, catalog sheets, or any letter-sized literature. 
●   Features adjustable shelves to accommodate various document sizes. 
●   Sturdy construction ensures long-term durability in busy office environments. 
●   Enhances efficiency and productivity by keeping important documents within reach.

The Role of Storage Carts in a Tidy Workspace

●   Mobile storage carts offer a flexible solution for transporting and accessing materials. 
●   Perfect for shared resources in offices and classrooms. 
●   It helps maintain a clean and organized workspace and reduce clutter. 
●   Versatile use cases, from holding office supplies to acting as impromptu workstations.

Unlock the Potential of Your Space with Safco Shelving.

Maximize your office layout and enhance productivity with strategically placed shelving units. Safco's solutions are designed for both functionality and visual appeal.

Safco Commercial Shelving: Durable and Stylish

●   Crafted with durability in mind, these shelves can handle heavy loads, making them perfect for office equipment. 
●   Their sleek design enhances the look of any professional space. 
●   Adjustable shelving allows for custom configurations to meet specific needs. 
●   Easy assembly means you can reorganize your office quickly and efficiently.

Tips for Organizing Your Office Shelves

●   Categorize items by frequency of use, keeping everyday essentials at eye level. 
●   Use decorative boxes or bins for smaller items to maintain a neat appearance. 
●   Label shelves for easy identification, saving time, and reducing stress. 
●   Incorporate plants or personal items to create a more inviting work environment.

These solutions align with creating an efficient and aesthetically pleasing workspace. By integrating Safco storage options, businesses can revitalize their office atmosphere, making it stylish and functional. Including Safco products, like literature organizers and storage carts, addresses specific organizational needs, ensuring a tidy and practical work area. Moreover, adopting Safco commercial shelving offers the twin benefits of durability and style, which are essential for modern office settings.

For offices aiming to enhance operational efficiency while maintaining a visually appealing environment, Safco storage solutions emerge as a compelling choice. They exemplify the merger of form and function, contributing significantly to creating productive and welcoming workspaces.  


Q: What products can I find to redesign my workplace?

A: We offer a wide range of home office furniture, including adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs, and storage solutions like cabinets and filing systems. Our collection also features reception and conference room furnishings to support and style your workspace.

Q: How do I stay informed about the latest in office furniture?

A: We recommend subscribing to our updates to stay updated with new arrivals, sales, and exclusive offers. This ensures you're always informed about the latest trends and options for your office space.

Q: Can you assist with creating an organized and efficient workspace?

A: Absolutely! We offer versatile furniture that reduces clutter, including mesh organizers, bookcases, and filing cabinets. Our solutions cater to large and small spaces, ensuring an organized and trouble-free environment.

Q: I'm concerned about the impact of online ads; how does your site enhance my browsing experience?

A: Our website is optimized for a seamless browsing experience, minimizing disruptions from ads. This allows you to explore our vast selection of office furniture, including conference tables and ergonomic solutions, without any negative impacts.

Q: Is there a way to quickly check the current stock and prices?

A: Yes, each product page provides immediate access to pricing, stock availability, and detailed descriptions. This makes it easy to view your options and make informed decisions without checking the time or waiting for updates.

Q: Do you offer solutions for specialized areas like healthcare or recreational spaces?

A: We provide furniture specifically designed for healthcare settings and recreational spaces. This includes height-adjustable tables, lounge seating, and security-enhanced storage options for sensitive documents.

Q: What are my options for adding more functionality to my existing furniture?

A: Our collection includes a variety of add-ons and accessories, such as power dividers, literature racks, and task lighting. These products enhance functionality and comfort, allowing you to customize your workspace according to your needs.

Q: What are the benefits of choosing ergonomic furniture for my office?

A: Ergonomic furniture, such as adjustable chairs and desks, significantly improves comfort and productivity by supporting proper posture and reducing strain. Investing in ergonomic solutions can also contribute to long-term health benefits for you and your team.

Q: Can you guide me in redecorating an office on a budget?

A: Yes, we offer a range of affordable options and deals on office furniture. From folding tables to economical desk solutions, our products enable you to refresh your office space effectively without compromising quality or style.

Q: What shipping options are available for large furniture pieces?

A: We offer various shipping options tailored to accommodate the size and complexity of your order, ensuring secure and timely delivery. From standard ground shipping to more specific arrangements, we’ll work to meet your needs.