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Discover the ultimate destination for your workspace needs at, where Indiana office furniture meets innovation. From ergonomic office chairs and customizable desks to comprehensive solutions for both home office and corporate spaces in Indianapolis, we deliver unparalleled service, quality, and design to transform your work environment. 
Explore our diverse range of products, including executive desks, cubicles, and conference room essentials, all designed to enhance productivity and style in your professional setting.  

Indiana Furniture is Made in the USA

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Allegiance aspires to distinction with a signature arc modesty panel and refined selection of edge and pull options sure to encourage office individuality. Finely crafted in select American hardwood veneers, Allegiance celebrates smart looks at an affordable price, while skillfully maintaining our expert craftsmanship and attention to every detail.

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Always stylish, comfortable and effortlessly adaptable, Canvas enlivens environments with refined aesthetics born from an appealing mix of materials, finishes and components. Project a fresh, polished attitude with new high-gloss acrylic modesty panels and hutch doors, available in four sophisticated hues. With an enhanced selection of multidimensional components, the creation of an ultra-functional workspace is limited only by your imagination.

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Personalization at the right price. Finely crafted in select American hardwood veneers, this modern office solution features clean lines, flush fit wall applications, and tailoring options galore. With Encompass, smart design is about creativity at a great price.
There’s no limit to the number of configurations that can be created from the multitude of component shapes and sizes, materials, pulls, and edges, including an exclusive waterfall option. Capture modern style or give way to simple functionality.

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A foundational suite of casegoods primed to evolve with your needs.  Gesso allows you to combine luxurious veneers, top grade laminates and other materials to create stylish, reconfigurable work surfaces and storage options.  An inspiring selection of color, pull and edge profile options enhances the aesthetics. 
Meet Studio. Boutique-inspired options and models that build upon simplicity and flexibility while allowing you to create eye-catching spaces.
Gesso offers the height adjustable feature on desks, bridges, returns and credenzas.

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With a nod to the ‘50s and ‘60s, Iconic’s clean lines, tapered legs, and unexpected details present a timeless, approachable quality while being suited to outfit a multitude of areas, including private office, open plan/benching, small meeting areas, and ancillary spaces.

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Madera creates a variety of looks from rich, refined transitional to fresh, modern contemporary by offering an abundance of finish, edge, pull and hutch door options. Finely crafted in select cherry, maple, walnut, and oak veneers, Madera features an ultra violet (UV) topcoat on all exposed surfaces adding unsurpassed hardness and extreme durability for long lasting office applications.

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Indiana On Sale Now     Call 856-368-9085  To Place Your Order and For Any Questions

Space Division

Create a workspace that offers privacy, adds protection, and defines personal space with our functional range of options and materials. Retrofit and Redesign existing product with the newly expanded Screens+Dividers or create an oasis of creativity with the Square One Collection.

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Looking to make an impression? To make a statement in your office, there is a clear piece that will exude a professional work environment where things get done. That piece is the conference, meeting or huddle table. Indiana Furniture has table collections for you to choose from based on your specific needs and requirements.

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Seating does not just serve a function. Make a statement with beautiful, comfortable, and stylish seating whether it’s part of private executive office furniture or open plan modular office furniture areas.

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Beautifully Crafted Furniture Plus So Much More
Do you need office furniture that is both visually appealing and functional? Perhaps you want something a little different, and still want to provide an inviting environment that staff, customers, and visitors will appreciate. At Indiana Furniture, we have been providing premium furniture for more than a century. We combine exceptional craftsmanship with innovative, engaging designs, resulting in pieces that look amazing and offer superb durability.

High-Quality Materials and Plenty of Choices for Conference Tables & Occasional Tables
We source materials from dependable suppliers that share our philosophy of working in a green and ethical manner. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that our products fit with your environmental goals as well as our quality standards. We are proud to contribute to meeting your green agenda. Whether you need a traditional table or want something modern and fresh, we are sure to have something that fits your company’s culture and unique style.

Executive Offices & Open Areas Work Together
Coordinating an entire space is done with ease at Indiana Furniture. We realize your private offices, open area workspace, and seating, all have to work together. There are endless choices that complement one another. We’ll have them all coordinated, manufactured, and delivered on time to meet your expectations and complete your project.

Skilled Worksmanship and Commitment to Quality
Our goal is to provide you with the perfect furniture for your space. Your office will not only be comfortable and serve to increase productivity, but it will also be a beautiful, pleasant place to work every day. Indiana Furniture’s sophisticated manufacturing processes, combined with dedication to our customers, goes hand in hand to assure your satisfaction.

Indiana Furniture is manufactured in the USA

Discover the Perfect Indiana Office Furniture for Your Space

Why Choose Indiana Office Furniture?  

The Importance of Quality and Durability

Quality must be balanced when it comes to office furniture. Indiana's offerings are crafted with durability, ensuring that desks, chairs, and other furnishings withstand the test of time. This commitment to excellence means businesses can count on their furniture investment to remain functional and attractive for years.

How Indiana's Office Furniture Scene Stands Out

The office furniture scene in Indiana is distinguished by its blend of traditional craftsmanship and innovative design. Local stores and manufacturers prioritize customer service, so shoppers can expect a personalized experience. Whether you're looking for executive desks or ergonomic chairs, we offer unique solutions that cater to diverse needs and spaces.

Office Chairs That Combine Comfort and Style

Indiana's office chairs combine comfort with style. Designed to support posture and enhance workspace aesthetics, these chairs are available in various materials, including leather and adjustable options. From task chairs to executive models, there's something to suit every office environment, ensuring employees work comfortably and in style.

Leading Trends in Office Design

Creating a More Collaborative Workspace With Desks

The trend toward collaborative workspaces has seen a rise in demand for desks that foster teamwork without sacrificing individual space. Indiana furniture makers have responded with designs that are functional and customizable, ranging from large, shared workstations to modular desks that can be reconfigured as needed.

The Rise of the Home Office: Furniture Essentials

With more professionals working from home, the need for dedicated home office spaces has never been greater. Indiana's furniture scene provides essentials for the perfect home office setup, including desks with built-in storage, comfortable office chairs, and accessories like bookcases and file cabinets. 
These pieces combine functionality with design, creating a productive and aesthetically pleasing home office. Incorporating elements such as desks, chairs, and other office furniture from Indiana enhances the comfort and efficiency of your workspace and contributes to a more dynamic and visually appealing environment. Whether upgrading an existing office or setting up a new home office, Indiana office furniture offers many options to meet and exceed your expectations.

Enhancing Productivity with Indiana Office Desks

Indiana office furniture has long been celebrated for its functionality and elegance, enhancing aesthetically and practical workplaces. A suitable desk complements your office space and can significantly improve productivity.   
As we delve into the world of desks, particularly those crafted in Indiana style, selecting furniture that aligns with your work style and meets your team's needs is crucial.

Adjustable Desks for Ergonomic Benefits

Adjustable desks have surged in popularity due to their ergonomic advantages. These innovative pieces allow individuals to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day, reducing the risk of sedentary lifestyle diseases. 
An adjustable office desk, particularly one from an Indiana manufacturer, offers both functionality and style. With Indiana's commitment to craftsmanship, these desks are designed to meet the diverse needs of any office environment.
●  Enhanced Comfort: Features like adjustable height settings ensure every team member can find their optimal working position. 
●  Flexibility: Whether you're drafting a report or collaborating with your team, these desks adapt to various tasks.  

The Charm of Executive Desks in Indiana Style

The executive desk is a staple in Indiana office furniture. Known for its sturdy construction and elegant design, these desks convey a sense of professionalism and authority. 
Statement Piece: An Indiana-style executive desk often serves as the focal point of an office, reflecting the company's values and ethos. 
Functional Elegance: Beyond aesthetics, these desks provide ample storage and workspace, accommodating all your professional needs.

How Office Desks Support Your Team's Workflow

Innovative office desk designs are crucial in supporting a team's workflow. The emergence of collaborative spaces and the integration of technology into furniture design are testaments to the evolving landscape of office environments. Indiana office furniture designers are at the forefront of creating pieces that facilitate teamwork while maintaining individual workspace integrity. 
Collaboration-Friendly Designs: Desks equipped with integrated communication tools or modular layouts foster a collaborative spirit. 
Tech Integration: Features like built-in charging stations and cable management solutions keep the workspace organized and functional.

Office Desks: From Functional to Fashionable

Gone are the days when office desks were mere functional items. Today, fashion statements reflect an organization's culture and aesthetic preferences. Indiana furniture designers have embraced this trend, crafting desks that are practical and stylish. 
●  Material Mix: Combining traditional wood with metal or glass creates visually appealing desks that suit any office decor. 
●  Custom Creations: Indiana's local artisans offer customizable options, ensuring your desk is unique and ideally suited to your space. 
Selecting the right office furniture is a decision that can significantly impact productivity and workplace satisfaction. By choosing Indiana office desks, you benefit from ergonomic designs, aesthetic appeal, and durability, which are synonymous with Indiana craftsmanship.    
Whether you need an adjustable desk for health benefits or an executive desk to make a statement, Indiana's office furniture market offers many options to suit every requirement and taste.

The Ultimate Guide to Office Chairs in Indiana

Selecting the right office chairs is essential for ensuring comfort and productivity in any workspace. In Indiana, the range of options available can cater to a variety of preferences and requirements. Here's an in-depth look into making informed choices on office seating that combines functionality with style.

The Anatomy of a Perfect Office Chair

Understanding the components and their importance can significantly enhance your decision-making process when selecting an office chair.

Leather Versus Mesh: Finding Your Match

Leather chairs offer a classic look that might suit executive spaces or traditional offices. They are durable and easy to clean but can be warmer to sit in for long periods. Mesh chairs, however, provide excellent breathability, reducing discomfort during long hours at the desk. They're ideal for busy environments where airflow and comfort are prioritized.

Why Adjustable Features are Crucial for Comfort

Seat Height: The ability to adjust the seat height ensures that your feet can rest flat on the floor, improving posture and reducing strain. 
Lumbar Support: Adjustable lumbar support helps maintain the spine's natural curve, preventing lower back pain. 
Armrests: Adjusting the armrests can reduce tension in your shoulders and neck.

Office Chairs That Make a Statement

Office chairs aren't just about comfort; they also contribute to the office's aesthetic appeal and can make a bold statement. 
●  Neutral Tones: Perfect for creating a sophisticated and timeless space. 
●  Bright Colors: Great for energizing a room and promoting creativity. 
●  Crafting the Ideal Conference Room Experience with Chairs

Choosing the correct chairs for your conference room involves balancing style and functionality. ●  Comfort Is Key: Ensure chairs provide ample support, as meetings can last for extended periods. 
●  Cohesive Style: Select chairs that complement the room's overall design to create an inviting and professional atmosphere.  
Incorporating elements like adjustable settings, breathable fabrics, and ergonomically designed features will enhance your office's look and promote a healthier, more comfortable work environment. 
Remember, when exploring options in Indiana, consider local suppliers and manufacturers like Indiana Furniture, which can offer custom solutions tailored to your space, ensuring your office chairs effectively meet your aesthetic and functional needs.  


What types of office furniture can I find in Indiana?

A: In Indiana, you can find a wide range of office furniture, including ergonomic office chairs, spacious desks, and customizable cubicles. Our selection caters to various needs, from executive suites to home office setups.

Q: Do you offer delivery and installation services for office furniture in Indianapolis and surrounding areas?

A: We provide comprehensive delivery and installation services across Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Our team ensures your furniture is set up for immediate use.

Q: Can I customize my office desk and chairs to fit my workspace?

A: Absolutely! We offer customizable office desks and chairs that can be tailored to meet your workspace's exact dimensions and style.

Q: What kind of office desks do you have available?

A: Our inventory includes a variety of office desks, such as executive desks, adjustable standing desks, and compact cubicles, suitable for different space requirements and work styles.

Q: Are there eco-friendly and sustainable office furniture options available?

A: Yes, we are committed to sustainability by offering eco-friendly furniture options, including those made from recycled materials, to help create greener office spaces.

Q: How can I contact customer service for assistance with my furniture needs?

A: Our customer service team can be easily reached through our website's contact page or by phone. We're here to help answer any questions and support your furniture selection process.

Q: Do you carry accessories and tools for office spaces?

A: Indeed, we stock a wide array of office accessories and tools, ranging from file cabinets to organizational bookcases, to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Q: What options are available for small businesses looking to furnish their offices?

A: We offer a variety of furniture solutions for small businesses, including space-saving desks, stackable chairs, and modular cubicles, all designed to maximize your office space.

Q: Can I find high-quality used office furniture at your store?

A: Our collection includes premium used office furniture that provides cost-effective yet stylish options for furnishing your office space.

Q: What sets your furniture store apart from other local options?

A: Our dedication to customer satisfaction, a wide range of customizable furniture solutions, and commitment to quality and sustainability make us a preferred choice in the local furniture market.

Q: How do I keep up with the latest office furniture designs and offerings?

A: Stay updated with the latest trends and products by visiting our showroom, exploring our website, and following our social media channels for the newest innovative office design.

Q: What are your options for office furniture that supports health and comfort?

A: Our ergonomic furniture selections, including adjustable chairs and desks, are designed to promote comfort and support health during long working hours.

Q: Do you have furniture suitable for collaborative and open office layouts?

A: Yes, we offer various furniture options ideal for collaborative spaces, including modular workstations, conference tables, and comfortable seating solutions for team gatherings.

Q: Where can I see reviews or testimonials about your furniture and service?

A: Reviews and testimonials from our satisfied customers can be found on our website's testimonial page, various consumer review sites, and social media platforms.