Resi Collection from Safco Products

Resi by Safco is Redefining Workplace Furnishings

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Resi -  Planning for Performance

How, when, and where we work is redefining the workplace. And the best workspaces know how to adapt. Long-term success stems from balancing the individual needs of today’s agile workforce. To support the diversity of workstyles and workspaces required, the role of furniture has needed to evolve. Resi Collection rises to the challenge with a more purposeful, multi-functional design that embraces the new workday.

Resi Collection Stash & Go

Resi Storage creatively optimizes available space while accommodating the needs of a more agile workforce. Welcome areas become more inviting when personal items can be stashed away in locker walls. Dedicated workspaces offer more room for people to move about and interact with each other as consolidated, centrally located storage zones provide needed security for belongings.

Resi from Safco Focused & Productive

When working at home or in the office, Resi desks work great alone or when supporting teaming, touchdown, and collaborative settings. The classic design, versatile selection, and convenient access to power allow you to express your unique character while staying organized and productive. So whether you’re looking for timeless style or modern amenities, Resi is the choice.

Safco's Resi Series - Breakaway & Reconnect

Offering spaces for focus as well as connecting with others is essential for nurturing new ideas. Resi seating and bistro-height storage support spontaneous, collaborative interactions in areas where people gather or can serve as casual breakout settings for when people need to get away.

Resi from Safco Relax & Refuel

When it comes time for workers to recharge—whether that’s alone or with others—Resi provides functional versatility for cafés and retreat spaces. Not just useful for storing personal or team items, Resi creates space division and private nooks wherever they’re needed or serves as gathering points for socializing or nourishment.