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Height Adjustable Tables from Safco Products

Standing Height Tables and Desks

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Height Adjustable Tables and Desks

Part of the Active Collection from Mayline - Safco; The Active Collection products are designed to promote active movemeant throughout the day and engage major muscle groups to help combat the negative effects of inactivity in many workplace settings

The human body is meant to move. That’s why sitting for prolonged periods can cause a variety of problems in the workplace, contributing to lost productivity and absenteeism. Our Height-Adjustable workstations can help avoid these troubles giving users the flexibility to sit or stand at their workspace, while preserving their optimal ergonomic positioning. A long time leader in the sit-stand movement,
Mayline was one of the first companies to introduce a height-adjustable line in the early 1980s. We continue to apply more than three decades of innovative expertise into developing our entire lineup of height-adjustable solutions.

Aberdeen and Medina Height Adjustable Desks from Safco Mayline are new and improved, and a little taller. These classic desks are now available with an electric height-adjustable option to help you
reach new heights while you work.

Aberdeen Height Adjustable Desk

Please check the Aberdeen and Medina pages for pricing

Defy Electric Adjustable-Height Desk

Defy Electric Adjustable-Height DeskTabletop Size: 47 1⁄4”W x 30”D x 1”H
Overall Size: 47 1⁄4”W x 30 3⁄4”D x 29 3⁄4 - 49 1⁄4”H

E-Series Height Adjustable Table

E is for Environmental.

Healthy movement and healthy air quality come together in one smart, sit-stand solution. With its simple vertical adjustment, the E-Series promotes a healthier workplace by letting employees move easily. And because all E-Series workstations are Intertek VOC+ Certified, height adjustability meets eco-friendly for a truly uplifting solution. Durable, resilient, and with ample range of motion, E-Series is a movement that does a world of good.

E Series Height Adjustable Corner Table

E-Series - Movement that does a world of good.

1. Electric drive mechanism.
Easily and reliably adjusts, allowing workers to find their ideal comfort zones.

2. Ample range of motion.
16” of vertical adjustment, from 26” to 42” in 18 seconds.

3. Intertek VOC+ Certified.
Verified to meet or exceed BIFMA, and California air emission standards.

4. Durable and resilient.
Supports up to 150 lbs.

5. Versatile surface selections.
Available in single-surface and dual-surface corner and rectangular units with tilting keyboard mechanism. Thermally-fused low-pressure laminate with T-mold edge is standard. High-pressure laminate with T-mold edge available.

Encourage a healthy alternative to the dangers of prolonged sitting with the E-Series height-adjustable workstations. They serve as an open invitation to stand while working, helping users increase energy and burn extra calories throughout the day.

E-Series represents environmental responsibility, a commitment that’s validated with credentials. Intertek’s VOC+ Certification is proof that the E-Series has been independently tested and found to conform to existing environmental regulations.

E-Series bases are available in all Safco Mayline Corporate colors. Surfaces available in more than 900 standard laminates from Nevamar, Wilsonart, Pionite, and Formica at no additional upcharge.

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E Series Height Adjustable Tables Components and Pricing

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ML series height adjustable workstation

United We Stand.

The ML-Series turns up performance expectations and puts quality height-adjustable tables within economical reach. Cost effective and reliable, the ML-Series is sleek, stylish and exceptionally quiet - ideal for any environment. With dual leg motors, an anti-collision saftey feature, 3 base sizes, and a variety of workspace choices the ML-Series stands and delivers style - plus power.

ML Three Leg Corner Height Adjsutable Table

ML-Series Puts Ergonomics in Reach

Freedom to Move. Height-adjustable tables are universally accepted as a way to promote a healthier workforce. But for many, the solutions are not altogether affordable…until now. The ML-Series turns up performance expectations and puts quality heightadjustable tables within economical reach. Cost-effective and reliable, the ML-Series provides a posture-changing solution without putting budgets in compromising positions. All so workers everywhere can exercise their perogatives to sit and stand throughout the work day.

United we stand.

1. Strong, silent type.
Sleek, stylish, and exceptionally quiet, the ML-Series is ideal for any environment. The soft start and low-decibel operation, lets workers discreetly choose their most comfortable sit-stand positions without

2. Smooth operator.
Smooth and reliable operation is assured thanks to dual leg motors designed and tested to meet the integrity challenge, along with an anti-collision safety feature.

3. Designed to rise.
Vertical adjustability options range from 24.5” to 50”. Three base sizes: 2 stage base with 2 legs; or 3-stage base with 2 or 3 legs. Optional Casters available.

4. Power meets style.
The expandable frame accommodates a range of worksurface sizes and shapes (rectangular, 90-degree, and 120-degree) making it the perfect choice for any environment.

Use ML-Series tables as freestanding solutions, or integrate them easily into workstation environments. Perfect complement to our resourceful modular lines of easy to install, power, reconfigure, specify,
and afford workspace solutions.

Rev up productivity with the stability, reliability, and affordability of the ML-Series - one of the most sensible sit-to-stand solutions on the market today.

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ML Series Height Adjustable Tables Components and Pricing

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XR-Series Height Adjustable Desk

Smooth and Smart Operator.

The XR-Series is proof that height adjustability isn’t just about promoting movement. It should also support diversity, and the XR-Series does so brilliantly. It offers three memory settings on the control switch, letting workers save their favorite positions.

And when changes in departments or employees are in order, the XR-Series transitions seamlessly to the next user. With a generous range of motion and a variety of surface options, the XR-Series provides a smart alternative to manually lowering or raising desks and other work surfaces to accommodate new users.

XR-Series Height Adjustable Desk in Cubicle

XR-Series User preferences committed to memory.

1. Electric drive mechanism.
Easy adjustability accommodates each individual no matter his or her size. New workers can define their own optimal surface heights in a matter of seconds.

2. Three-position memory settings.
Users identify their working comfort levels and the XR-Series remembers them.

3. Generous range of motion.
26.5” of vertical adjustment, from 24” to 50.5”.

4. Designed to meet challenging work environments.
Supports up to 250 lbs. (dual-column) or 350 lbs. (triple-column).

5. Variety of surface options for a variety of space needs.
Available in rectangular or corner single surface, rectangular dual surface, or add a data center mechanism on the corner single unit.

XR-Series Height Adjustable Workstation

The XR-Series supports workplace wellness by reducing the likelihood of prolonged sitting and the accompanying negative effects of a sedentary work style.

No more raising or lowering panel-hung work surfaces when new workers or departments move into existing spaces. The XR-Series is an ideal solution for letting every person establish the surface height that fits without tools or calling in facility personnel.

Available in more than 900 standard laminates from Nevamar, Wilsonart, Pionite, and Formica at no additional upcharge. Bases available in black or silver.

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XR Series Height Adjustable Tables Components and Pricing

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Height Adjustable Media Center

Meant to Move.

The easy-to-maneuver mobile media center is ready for meeting requirements anywhere four wheels will allow. For classroom setting or any training/meeting environment, easily move digital content to where you need it. Available in horizontal fixed screen version or the tilt design allows up to 90° tilt from vertical to horizontal.

Handle and remote control. Five outlet powerstrip mounted to base. Expandable PC Holder Bracket.

Ergonomic Accessories — Always Within Arm’s Reach.
Pole mount, single arm monitor mount. Single monitor arm on dual post. Pole mount, dual arm monitor mount. Trackless keyboard arm. Keyboard tray with mouse pad. Dual screen, single monitor arm.

Eliminate awkward angles with ergonomic monitor arms that are capable of adjusting your monitor to any position desired. With design options to fit almost any work area, our ergonomic monitor arms are the ideal, flexible solution for supporting flat panel displays above work surfaces. They feature superior reach and height adjustment for easy monitor movement to eliminate glare and prevent neck strain. Adjustable keyboard solutions give users the ability to adjust placement for maximum comfort. Add one of our LED lighting options (not shown) to improve work area while reducing eye strain.

Handle and Remote Control

Five Outlet Powerstrip Mounted To Base

Expandable PC Holder Bracket

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Height Adjustable Media Center Components and Pricing

Multi Media A/V Carts

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