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Lacasse Quorum Series

Conference, Training, Height-Adjustable & Modular Multi-Conference Tables

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Efficiency... Groupe Lacasse Quorum MultiConference: Where everything fits together ..

This is where you brainstorm, this is where you decide! Your conference rooms must be open for discussions. The outcome of a modern vision of what furniture should be, the QUORUM MULTICONFERENCE collection redefines the word “versatility”. Our conference tables are completely adaptable to new office technologies and are available in a wide variety of finishes, sizes and shapes. It is now up to you to unlock their potential!

Technological Breakthrough

With their ready-for-use electrical connections and their wire management bases, the QUORUM MULTICONFERENCE tables will meet all your technological requirements. A real asset in a world where efficiency rules!

The Best Option!

QUORUM MULTICONFERENCE will meet all your expectations as it is one of the most complete collections on the market!

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Quorum Tables Current Price List

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Finally, It’s your Choice!

Versatile and practical, this collection blends in perfectly in any environment with its vast selection of shapes and a complete choice of Silver or Anthracite Grey bases.

Set the Table for More Freedom!

Whether your room is small or oversized, the QUORUM MULTICONFERENCE collection will adapt to your needs and to your tastes. Offered in several sizes, colors and shapes, the conference tables have a unique design. Indeed, the underside of the table surface is pre-drilled and the metal-on-metal hardware assembly with mechanical screws allows you to choose the base that most suits your needs among our wide selection. This ingenuity by Groupe Lacasse gives you complete freedom.

No Restrictions

Contemporary style. Different configurations and shapes, wide array of bases and legs, electrical/wiring management modules. Fixed or mobile, our modular tables are versatile and flexible. It is up to you to uncover their full potential! Today’s conference room, tomorrow’s training room.

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Quorum Tables Current Price List

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Affordable Integrated Mobility

Our ready-to-use modular tables with optional electrical connections offer you unequalled versatility and ease of use to meet today’s changing workspace requirements.

Quorum Multiconference Table Shape Options

Easy to Configure

Highly original and adaptable, the freestanding modular tables from QUORUM MULTICONFERENCE can be easily configured in a heartbeat to meet your immediate needs and requirements, each and every time

Quorum Multiconference: Multifunctional

Highly versatile, QUORUM MULTICONFERENCE doesn’t just furnish the conference room. Our collection of height adjustable tables is perfect to meet the specific needs of your team. The most demanding needs are met with our wide choice of available mechanisms – electrical, hand crank or incremental – plus fixed height tables. The bases of our height adjustable tables come in two accent colors, Silver and Anthracite Grey. Both aesthetic and functional, these tables have no horizontal crossbar between the bases, allowing full clearance for knees and also creating more space for mobile pedestals for storage.

Quorum Collection Tables 

Quorum Multiconference: Simple Multitasking

In addition to blending in seamlessly with all Groupe Lacasse collections, the height adjustable tables are perfectly adapted to multitasking. Create functional and ergonomic work stations in an instant. Guaranteed efficiency!

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Quorum Tables Current Price List

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Height Adjustable Tables

Practical Training

An alliance of style and efficiency, our mobile training tables available in a variety of shapes give you the freedom of reconfiguring your workspace in record time. It’s the perfect solution for classrooms and meeting rooms requiring constant adjustments. Light and easy to move, these tables come with or without translucent modesty panels. They can also be fitted with a Flip-Top mechanism, making it effortless to fold the top down. Class is out? Then you can simply nest the tables together, move them and store them. That’s all there is to it!

Quorum Complimentary Furniture

Smart Storage Solutions

Our wide array of complementary furniture will fully meet your needs in smart storage. Lecterns, marker boards with sliding or hinged doors, mobile boards with integrated storage modules, magazine tables and more: you will find everything you need to store your devices and supplies. And don’t forget, our wide selection of practical and streamlined furniture will fit in nicely with your own decor.

Quorum Collection Details

Data and Electric Modules

Height Adjustable Table Controls

Connecting Hardware

Metal Slab Leg with Panel Insert

Handle Options

Edgebanding Options

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