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Princeton Series from Global Furniture Group 

Princeton Collection Veneer & Laminate Modern Style Office Furniture

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Princeton is a freestanding and fully modular collection offering maximum flexibility

Ease of installation and facilitates simple reconfigurations.
Over 1000 components offering endless possibilities to fit you and your space.
No cubicles or panels needed for configurations.
Product can be added and reconfigured as needed.
A variety of storage options allows you to do more with less space.
Open storage pieces, floating modesties and overlapping surfaces create visual appeal.
Ideal for commercial/corporate offices, government offices, small businesses, banking, legal, accounting, hospitality or the professional home office.

Princeton Collection gives the workplace a collaborative feel

Leave the work cubicle beh ind. Princeton is for a new generation that believes the office doesn’t have to be ‘the office’. It’s more than just a new look, Princeton has a personality just like you. It’s about making ‘me’ feel that I’m still me when I sit down for the day.

Princeton is easy to live with. In some ways it’s all so familiar, and then you look again and it is all so new.

45% Off Sale On Now - Call 856-368-9085

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