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Mayline Corsica Series is Your Answer for Modern Office Furniture

When it comes to office furniture this line looks exceptionally stylish with its choice of wood finishes and silver accents. It is a complete range but can be mixed and matched with other lines from the same manufacturer making it very versatile.

There is a very elegant appearance to this furniture whether it is being used in the office or in the home office. Depending on the accessories chosen you can make this look contemporary or traditional.

This set up is very economical but you wouldn't know this from the quality on offer. Desk surfaces are two inches thick – thicker than the average surface – with well finished bevel edges. The veneers are covered with two coats of lacquer which makes it very durable and somewhat scratch resistant.

Storage units can be mixed with several other of the manufactures lines making it even more versatile. Finishes include Sierra Cherry or Mahogany. Both are rich colors giving a distinct look of quality and sturdiness.

The storage cabinets come in several heights and with several different door styles. How about see through doors surrounded by steel grey frames? Or a sideboard with a rounded edged top? Modern handles set off this furniture to perfection.

This furniture creates the perfect work environment and utilizes your space to its best potential. Of course, space is important for good work practices and this furniture is great for grouping or for individual work stations or computer clusters.

This is an affordable, stylish collection but completely practical. It is great for multi faceted offices and environments with solutions for all the tasks to be undertaken in the office setting.

There has been a recent trend towards people oriented design. If you design the office or work space with the comfort of the employee in mind – and the tasks to be undertaken – then you will have a much more productive worker with the added advantage of having a great looking office too.

Also, this design emanates style and functionality and will only impress your clients giving you a head start when it comes to promoting your business.

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