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Concept 70 is a Beautifully Designed Contemporary Series That is Comfortable in a Managerial Setting or an Executive Office Suite

Although there are many styles of office furniture on the market, there will always be a need for an unashamedly opulent style which exudes class and dignity. This range is exactly that.

This executive style furniture has all the attributes you would expect from such a range with thicker surfaces, different styles of moldings and a rather large menu of colors and finishes.

With this range you have the freedom to design to your own standards. Even the less artistic amongst us will recognize class when we see it and this range is so obviously classy.

From the choice of handles and edging, through to the style of the desks and accessories, and then on to the color of the wood veneer finishes, this range provides a distinctive look so admired by the executive class.

Along with several different classes of filing cabinets, there are many accessories which make this office look efficient and multifunctional. Desks and work surfaces have large grommets for hiding cables and there are also cable tidies for communications and electric cables to be hidden away.

Reception desks come with lateral filing; there is also reception furniture and magazine racks and tables to complement the overall effect. Even corner shelving units give that 'finished' look to tall cupboards and make room for additional dressing – vases, flowers or works of art - for an elegant feel.

Choosing the light wood veneers with the silver accents in the legs and door furniture gives a particularly Scandinavian look and makes the office look bright and clean. Bow fronted desks add a touch of interest while allowing more desk space.

If you mix and match the cupboards – say adding a shorter cupboard in between two tall cupboards – you can make an architectural statement as well as providing maximum storage space.

Offices 'speak' to clients and staff alike in that if they look professional and well coordinated chances are the service and personnel will also perform in that way.

The rich deep colors in this range look exceptionally smart and elegant. But you could try mixing up the colors for a modern approach.

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