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Concept 2001 Gives You A Diverse Modern Modular Option

There is a range of furniture that covers the most diverse of needs for any office space practically anywhere. That is the Concept 2001 range.

Every style of cupboard, desk, divider and computer desk is on offer here and the good news is that it all integrates perfectly. It looks stylish too and the functionality of the pieces stands out amongst its competitors.

This series takes a flexible approach to office lay-outs but still manages to stay compact, light and airy. Colors are elegant yet modern and have silver accents in the door handles and legs.

Perhaps you would like to define your workspace with an L-shape desk. These come with privacy panels and modesty boards – full or half – to define your space succinctly. All these pieces come pre-drilled so you can fit the add-ons now or sometime in the future. Or if you would prefer, try out the movable options. Most occasional pieces are fitted with casters to make this a truly movable feast! You can rearrange to suit your moods or needs at a mere push.

And you don't have to stick with one overall color either. Try a triple combination of dark, light and grey wood veneers. They coordinate beautifully with the silver handles and legs. There are several color choices on offer along with a range of handles etc.

If storage is an important part of your office lay-out, this range comes with everything and anything you want from book cases to computer stations, from lateral file drawers to storage cabinets, from corner modules to traditional file cabinets – and all lockable for that extra security.

This is an exceptional range of office furniture and caters for most needs. For elegant sleek lines, or up to the minute functionality, you can't fail to find something that catches you eye.

From an open, modern look to a more structured traditional approach, you can find something in this range. The added benefit of course is that you don't have to purchase it all at once. You can add to your office lay out as and when necessary. How versatile!

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