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EO For The Modern Desk and Panel System

This is an exceptionally stylish group of office furniture with innovative and storage and work stations that can be set up in many different configurations.

Work stations can be set up to accommodate several people or single modules can be chosen. If multiple set up then dividers are available for privacy. They come in partial or fully glazed styles – clear smoked or frosted. Ease of use is arguably the prime requirement for office equipment and these set ups provide enough individual space for daily duties.

Because of the lightweight nature of this furniture it is extremely easy to set up and/or move. Panels are made from light aluminum with self leveling fittings to assist with the set up and repositioning.

Grommets and wire carriers come as standard to keep all wires out of sight. Panel frames, pedestals and legs come in a choice of tungsten or black which gives a very smart appearance to these set ups.

One of the great innovations in this group is the 'teardrop' table which as suggested is just that shape. But here is the great part, it only has two legs and hooks on to any of the desk tops or table tops in the series to create extra table space or a meeting point.

There are many other additions to this range too - CD holders, off-desk accessory trays, organizer trays to name just a few. And the panel mounted shelf made up of a kind of sling like attachment which hangs on one of the dividers. What an innovative way to make extra shelf room! This with the off desk accessory rail and other gadgets in the same mode make this a particularly modern set up and will appeal to the upwardly mobile amongst us.

Pedestal files also double up with table tops – on the tear drop table principle already mentioned – to make extra but movable desk space.

With all this choice it is a functional and innovative group of furniture which will grow as your office grows. Color choice and finish is also many and varied and adds to the great style.

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