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Easton Creates An Impresive Atmosphere for Executive and Boardrooms

This is a very impressive range of office furniture. It looks great particularly in executive style offices or even in a boardroom setting and has a distinctive look which sits well in any form of setup.

There is a choice of edges, tops and pedestals to suit all tastes whether they be contemporary or the more traditional style. This coupled with the choice of handles means that you can choose something that is unique to you.

Now add the other components on offer. The delta shaped table, bookcases, towers and hutches etc., to give that sophisticated look while keeping an absolutely functional office.

Even boardroom tables come complete with power and data accessories to enable communications etc. which is an absolute must in today's corporate world.

Another style statement in this collection is the wire mesh modesty boards, available in silver or black. This is very unusual and gives an added touch to the contemporary office.

You have a choice of eight finishes in this range with a choice of three handles. Imagine your set up in walnut effect with the brushed nickel, bowed handles. The silver of the modesty board adds to that classic look and can only impress both workers and visitors alike.

Or perhaps the lightest wood with the straight brushed nickel handles. This gives a straight forward contemporary look to your office and has clean lines and a sharpness of style. Possibly suitable for 'dot com' companies or young, upwardly mobile set ups.

Whether it is this dynamic look you want to your office, or a milder, more classy look, there is much here that will interest you. And designing the office space couldn't be easier. Just draw up your space on paper and then plan away. There are sketches of all the pieces – along with dimensions – to make life easier.

Indeed, perhaps the biggest task you will have is to choose color and styles. The combinations are practically endless but the biggest attraction is that everything in this range is on sale. So you can have that beautiful office but at rock bottom bargain prices!

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